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FLPLAST offers a complete range of products suitable for use on construction sites, for guarantee the maximum visibility and safety of the building sites and scaffolds.

For building site safety: boundary nets, plastic barriers and metal barriers, fences, ribbons, new jersey, temporary lighting, traffic lights, cones, signboards;
For visibility and safety of scaffolds: scaffold base, joint coverings for traditional and modular system scaffolding, caps, lamps, pipe covers, shockproof pipe covers, tapes, signboards, protective nets;
For operators: helmets, buckets, cases for rubble, rubbish chute, formwork spacers.

We deal with success not only the marketing but also the study and the design of the products that we internally produce, with the dual objective of maintaining high quality standards and strict control of materials used.

All items are developed and designed to satisfy legal obligations relating to safety at construction sites according to the latest industry regulations.

High quality and competitive prices are the result of an advanced production technology and of a flexible organizational model that favors direct contact with the customer, at no cost to the intermediary. This guarantees fast deliveries and an excellent pre and post sales service. Many of the products that we manufacture can be personalized with customer’s logo, to increase traceability within the construction site and the visibility on the market. Scaff Pad and Edildista are sold with certification test of resistance as a further guarantee of the strength and the durability of our products.