Traffic Cone

High visibility traffic cone.

Suitable for signaling construction sites and road works, as delimiters of dangerous areas or with workers at work.


  1. SP2005 / 331R H. 34 CM FLUO weight gr. 350
  2. SP2006 / 532R H. 54 CM FLUO weight gr. 900
  3. SP2007 / 753R H. 75 CM FLUO weight kg. 4.0
  4. SP2009 / CL2 FLEXI H. 54 CM REF. CL. RA2 weight kg 1.6
  5. SP2015 / CL2 MAXI H. 75 CM REF. CL RA2 weight 4.0 kg

We advise you to check the refractivity characteristics and the weight of the cone you are going to buy based on your needs.

All our cones have white and red bands, some fluorescent, others with refractivity class RA1 and RA2.

Destinations of use: small construction sites, airport use, works on secondary roads or high-speed roads, highways, delimitation of routes for driving schools, etc.

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